Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Many Heads of the Hydra

Finally got around to cleaning up the FW upgrade bits I picked up in July and putting together some Lernean Terminators. Not sure if they'll actually see the table as a Heresy Unit, but I can also run them as CSM Terminators (call the Volkite Calivers Combi-Plasmas) in my 40K Alpha Legion Army, and with a bit of house-ruling, I could actually run them as a SM Unit as well.

One of the really cool things about 8th is that, with the Points all laid out and standardized, it's easy to come up with reasonable Points values for things like this. As long as no one's being a dick about it, there's no reason not to allow some modification beyond the listed options, so in friendly Games, I can take a Squad of Cataphractii Terminators, give them Volkite Chargers (normally an option in the Tartaros Terminator entry) and Power Axes, work out the appropriate Points, and good to go. Especially in a case like this, where it is an official Unit, just from 30K rather than 40K. Anyhow, here's what you're really here for, the pics:
Oh, yeah, I did a Contemptor Mortis to back them up as well. Had an extra Assault Cannon because my Iron Warriors one always has the Multi-Melta.

I did some hard offsets on the bases to try to differentiate them a little more, and emphasize what motion it is possible to get from this kit

There's nothing like seeing these full size to show off every last place I screwed something up or forgot to clean a mold line or whatever.

I had used a set of the shoulder pads from this kit on another Model, so I had to improvise for one of them. The bottom pad there is a modified left side one that I had available because the Power Axe set has those molded on.

Same dude who has the Heavy Flamer. Magnets!

Because they're so stingy with the shoulder pads for these guys, I had to magnetize that as well. I can also do Combi-bolters for the whole Squad.


The best pic I could get of the Alpha Legion shoulder pads. I probably need to get out my white backdrop again if I'm taking pics of resin details.
Until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. That's a great looking unit of Lernaeans! Good stuff!

    1. Thanks! I'd been planning on doing them since I got Betrayal at Calth shortly after it was released, so I'd kind of built the project up in my mind by the time I got the FW bits. They actually did end up coming out as cool as I'd hoped, tho, so I'm really happy about that.

  2. Looking great.

    I hate the lack of shoulder pads in kits. I feel like if they give you extra arms then they need to give shoulder pads for those extra arms. They do it in every kit and it's obnoxious.

    1. I don't think they need to do it for every arm, but *some* spares would be very much appreciated.

      Same with helmets, actually. I had also used one of the helmets from the set on the Terminator Captain that comes in BaC, so I had to convert the helmet for the Heavy Flamer guy by cutting down a GK Terminator helmet.

      The Reivers kit bugs me in that regard as well. It comes with enough helmets for everyone, but no extras to fix the bare-headed Sergeants from the easy build ones I got in the First Strike sets.

  3. My in-depth knowledge of Terminators means that I probably wouldn't even notice if you fielded a non standard load out. Plus I think a lot of 30k space marine kits just look better so 'rule of cool' wins out for me. And these termies do look pretty damn good.

    1. Most of the people I play with would notice, but most of them would also be cool with the house rules as long as it wasn't in a tournament or something.

      And thanks! It was definitely the Rule of Cool that got me building them even tho I'm not getting into 30K any time soon. The Power Axes and Volkite Chargers look so great.