Monday, January 8, 2018


My group has gotten really into ShadeSpire recently, and I've been swept up in it myself. Got the set and both expansion Warbands in early December, and just finished painting them all up last weekend, just in time for our Sunday game day. It's been a long time since I got this inspired to paint something, and even tho they're not perfect, I'm happier with them than I've been with anything I've finished in quite some time. The rest of this is basically just a huge pic dump with a bit of commentary, so it's going under a cut.

Really happy with the gold here. Basecoat with Balthasar Gold, shade with thinned Army Painter purple ink, then a heavy drybrush with Gehenna Gold

I decided to do all the vegetation as super bright and vibrant, to show that even in a city literally claimed by Death, life keeps trying.

I like that they're starting to add more female Models, but I wish the proportions would get more reasonable. As with my Eschers, I had to do some serious "breast reduction surgery" here. It was too much work to fix her high heels, tho.
The Reavers are honestly my least liked Faction in the game so far, but I still tried to do a decent job. Despite that, I am going to mock them all here.
"I present you with this year's Skulltaker of the Year Award!"

Any half of this model works. Top, left, right, bottom. But they just don't all go together.


The Lord of the Dance!

This guy seemed alright until I was painting him and noticed that the buckle on his belt is at the back. Now I can't stop thinking of the OGLAF comic "Honor" (NSFW) whenever I see him.
Orruks! These guys are really fun to play
It doesn't come out too well in this pic, but there's a scar going through his right eye, so I painted it a darker red than his left one, like it was damaged.

Army Painter Dark Tone ink was the secret weapon with these guys. It's amazing how much that stuff improves a simple paint job.

The Sepulchral Guardians are my fave for playing to win. Amazing board presence and resilience.

I keep thinking this one is something broken when I reach in to pull it out of my case.

I experimented with some new rust techniques on these guys. Typhus Corrosion plus Skrag Brown ended up winning, with a bit of Leadbelcher drybrushed on over parts where impacts would likely knock the rust away.

I didn't get a good pic of it, but I also got some chipping medium, and got some good effects with it on the cloth/wood/paint parts of the shields.

I tried a Vallejo Rust Wash first, but it didn't have a matte finish or knock the shine off the underlying metal, so it looked weird

Again, not showing up terribly well in these, but there's some Nihilakh Oxide on all the bronze bits

I used Strong Tone on the whole model for these guys, even tho Dark or Blue Tone would be the more normal choice for that blue, because they've dragged themselves out of the grave, and would be all dirty.

I chose the Thousand Sons/Ahriman Blue because it's similar to the colours that dominate in the ShadeSpire artwork, and the Guard are the only Faction that's actually native to ShadeSpire.

If you're still with me after all that, thanks for reading, and y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Very nice work, I particularly like the Death warband. Nice to see an Oglaf reference! I was introduced to this a few years ago, a great comic, but definitely NSFW!

    1. Thanks! I would say I'm particularly happy with the Death Warband as well, but I'm also particularly happy with the Orruk and StormCast Warbands, so I guess it's kind of a wash ;)

      I don't even remember when I found out about Oglaf, but it's hilarious stuff for anyone who's not offended by that sort of thing.

  2. Nice one! Steel is definitely the colour for Orks. I really don't like the yellow armor in the studio pics of Ironskull's Boyz. I might put a load of rust effects on mine though. That said, I think your Sepulchral Guard are the best. The Petitioners are by far my favourites (great job on yours!) which is odd because they're the weakest.

    1. I may go back and add some rust to the Orruks at some point. But while I was working on them, I was reminded of an article I read a while back where a group of re-enactors and archaeologists discovered that armour doesn't really rust when it's worn constantly. The movement and oils from the body keep it from corroding. I figure Orruks are exactly the type to never take their armour off unless they absolutely have to.

      I like the Petitioners as well. I think it's because the other four all had some specific theme they were focused around, while the Petitioners were more open for the sculptor to work freely. As I mentioned, I tried some new stuff with them, and I'm really happy how it came out.

    2. Orks are made of fungus or spores aren't they? Maybe they are all spongy and moist up close. Perfect conditions for rust. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    3. Oh, yeah, it's totally viable. I was just explaining my reasoning for the clean look.