Monday, May 14, 2018

WiP...All Is WiP

OK, it's clearly been way too long since I've posted here. Frankly, it's been because I haven't actually finished anything so far this year. I finally decided I just needed to do something, so here's a pile of what I've been working on over the last few months:

First up, Shadespire! I also have Magore's Fiends built, but they're currently primed black, so nearly impossible to photograph well.

I don't like un-armoured Dwarves, so these guys have been getting some serious work done. It's been taking forever, but it's the most ambitious sculpting project I've ever attempted, so that seems reasonable.

The Skaven are close to done. They're certainly usable, but there's more I want to do with the metal and their skin and fur, plus touching up around the bases.
The Farstriders have all been converted with heads from Statuesque Miniatures, and some trimming on their armour. The heads look a little small, but it's just because the regular helmets have so much bling on them. The actual heads are about the same size.
I'm taking a mixed CSM/Daemon Slaanesh Army to the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge this August. I have essentially none of it done, so I really need to get my butt in gear. Some of the stuff for it is getting pretty involved, like this Noise Marine Dread (with groupie):
The pose is supposed to be doing the Steve Harris foot-up-on-the-amp-playing-out-to-the-crowd thing, but Castaferrum Dreads don't really have the joints necessary to make that actually work. I still like it.

The Twin BlastMaster was made from a couple of Plasma Cannon, along with some heavily modified 90s searchlight bits
The Big Bad. I started working on this because I was getting nowhere trying to make myself finish some painting before I started another Modeling project. It's also going to be in my OFCC list, and part of the reason for doing it is that it cut my Model count by like a third, and it's easier for me to do one big project like this than another 20 Daemonettes and dozen Noise Marines.
I always go overboard when I do anything even remotely scenic with a large base. There's going to be so much more cork and talus and sand and stuff when I'm done.

Very loosely inspired by the general idea of the old Epic Hellscourge Chaos Knight. In particular, that had a Castigator Cannon, and when FW did the Knight Castigator, that turned out to be a dual gatling gun-type thing, so this ended up with dual Avengers

Slaaneshi stuff is supposed to be more agile and maneuverable. It's hard to get a good pic of it, but in person, the motion works out pretty well.
Also in the Chaos Folder, I got some Plague Toads a while ago, and finally got them put together. Took me a while because they were just terrible casts. So much gap-filling needed. Going to use them as extra Beasts of Nurgle.
The one with the greenstuff on the base is going to have the whole thing be a giant lilypad that it's sitting on.
Necromunda! Still haven't managed to play, but I've got several gangs in various stages of progress. Hopefully going to get to try it with my brother next week. Not pictured here are The Violet Hellcats (Escher, because they're shuffled away somewhere and I didn't feel like digging them out), and The Children of the Emperor's Embrace (Stealer Cult. Like Magore's Fiends, they're newly primed and impossible to photograph).
The Reds. Basically done, I'm keeping these guys simple because I'm not really into the Goliaths, but I want to have as many options as possible for other people using my gangs. Also going to use them as Iron Warriors Chaos Culties, which is why they're on 25mm Bases.
The Rustbucket Crew. Heavy overbrush to help me see the detail while I'm working on them, and I find it kind of pulls the whole lot together. Did the same for The Reds with Leadbelcher. They were also the first Gang I built after realizing how much of a pain it is to paint the Sector Mechanicus bases with dudes on them.

As with the Farstriders, some of the Orloks have also been converted with Statuesque Miniatures heads. I like having more variety than GW tends to provide.
Last, but not least, the stuff I was supposed to have finished back in fucking February for various challenges:
I mentioned Statuesque Miniatures a couple of times in there. I found out about them from Azazel, as I recall, and was really happy when I finally got around to picking some up. The heads used here are from the Heroic Scale Narrow line, which I think worked out pretty well, tho I'd like to get some of the regular Heroic Scale ones as well at some point. The Orloks' gear is heavy enough that they actually work pretty well with just the head swap, and no other conversion work. If you're looking for conversion bits for female Models, I highly recommend them.

Hopefully I will soon have something actually finished to share, and until then, y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. That's a big hobby dump.

    I'm with you on the Dwarves. Naked Dwarves is just wrong. The pose on that Knight is awesome. So much movement - no pun intended.

    Nice hobby round-up all around. Good work.

    1. Thanks! It is more than three months worth of stuff because, like I said, I have been working on stuff, just not posting it.

      I didn't mind the Slayers so much when they were just one Unit in an Army of proper Dwarves, but as a full force of their own, I can't abide. And yeah, I'm really happy with how the Knight is coming along.

  2. Squaduary complete! (ish). Agree with above poster on all counts. The dynamic pose on the knight is great. I love the head though. It reminds me of the Chozo from Metroid Prime for some reason. Also, naked dwarves are obscene. I love dwarves in general (much better than the pointy eared gits) but Fyreslayers put me off AoS altogether.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy with the head, too. I put a Bloodthirster head on one of my Soul Grinders to mark it as being Khorne, so I had one of those heads left over. And then I thought that a Melta barrel might fit nicely in there, and, well, you can see the result!

  3. That's a serious case of hobby butterfly you have going on! Good luck with all the various projects.

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Knight, mine has been languishing just undercoated for ages now. Next on the queue, I promise!

    1. It looks more scattered when it's all compressed in to one post like this.

      I'm getting in to the more finicky detail parts, so the Knight is slowing down a bit, but hopefully I'll get some serious progress before too much longer.

  4. That's quite a photodump of building - you've certainly been busy there! I'll be keen to see how they come up with some paint on them, particularly the Fyreslayers who suffer a bit from "naked big baby" syndrome to me, and also the Stormcast with Statuesque heads, as I just had a bunch of their heads arrive of my own for ..projects.

    1. As I said above, it looks like a lot more when it's all lumped together in one post like this. I've actually felt like I haven't been getting much done.

      The FyreSlayers and the Orloks with the Statuesque heads are up there on my priority list, so hopefully some pics relatively soon. The Farstriders, a bit less so, since I really have no idea how I want to play them. Thanks again for the tip on those heads, by the way. I'm definitely going to be ordering from him again for future projects.

    2. Remember - next month is all about completing units! Maybe that can help? :D

    3. We'll see. My track record for hobby challenges is pretty dismal so far this year.