Monday, April 8, 2019

Awesome Kickstarters

I joined in on the first Heresy Girls Kickstarter, and am incredibly happy with the Models I got from it. Even if I haven't actually got around to painting any of them yet. But the casts were fantastic, they were very close to the  original designs, and the operator was great about communicating when the project hit some snags. The second one looks even better.

The second one, I don't have any experience with the people doing the actual casting, but they have a good track record, and the designs are done by Ana Polanscak, best known through her blog, Gardens of Hecate. For those who aren't familiar with her work, she has an amazing imagination, and a wonderful sculpting style for all sorts of creepy-cool little daemons and creatures. I got distracted and didn't get this up as early as I meant to, so there are only three days left in this KS, but it is fully funded.

I highly encourage all y'all to go check both of those projects out. Until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. Some really cool models in there. I like The Purifier especially. A couple of them seem fairly derivative however and I wonder now they avoid the unwavering eye of GW's legal dept. Not that it bothers me. All art is derivative in some way and the price gouging we see in NZ makes me want to cheer for the little guys.

    1. One thing a lot of folks missed is that the Chapterhouse lawsuit wasn't entirely a victory for GW. They won on enough of their points that CH had to close down, but there were a bunch of places where they weren't able to prove infringement to the judge's satisfaction. I think people have pretty well managed to suss out the boundaries of where GW can legally enforce their IP at this point.

      There are a ton of companies with stuff that is clearly intended to be used for GW stuff, from Shapeways and Etsy shops up through places like Puppetswar and MaxMini. And the first Heresy Girls KS, which had plenty of clear GW knockoffs.