Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crimson Thunder StormTalon and IronClad

Death from the Skies has got me motivated to finally get around to adding on the Nephilim wings I got to my StormTalons. They're kind of halfassed right now, because I was hoping to use them in a Game today, but had to bail on that because debilitating headache. Oh, well, it meant that once I went back to bed for another 5 hours, I could take pics.

This dude is kind of pushing the limits of my cheapo lightbox. The other one looks basically the same, so I just took a pic of the one. I'm kind of tempted to try to break off the Missile Pods and remount them under the engines. I've seen some converted that way, and I really like the look, but I'm not sure I like it enough to justify the effort to do it retroactively.

I also got my IronClad, well, not done, but good enough to put on the table.
The mold lines on that Seismic Hammer are just hideous. I thought I'd got them, but apparently not.

 Shout-out to William Shakespeare for his Complete Works helping to bump the backdrop up a couple of inches so I could get more light in there. In the first couple of shots, the legs were completely invisible.
Trying a new technique on my black. I drybrushed the whole thing with Leadbelcher, more heavily from the top, and then ran several coats of Nuln Oil over it. A few of the bits need another coat or two, and it got a bit funky on the top where it was able to pool, but for the most part, I'm really happy with it. I believe I first saw the technique from Rob, but I've modified it a bit here, simplified it a little.

Gonna finish it off for today with some more shots of the basing. This is the first Model I've taken to (more or less) completion with my newer, more complex basing. I sorta feel like it still needs a little something else, but it's definitely a step up from my previous standard.

I think part of the issue here is that I ended up putting his feet in places that blocked some of the more interesting bits. I'm definitely liking the varied heights, tho.

Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Looking good dude! I really like the colour scheme, sort of Flesh Tearers "light" if you get me?

    The base is really nice as well, I know what you mean about adding a little something, I guess a focal draw like a severed arm, helmet, bullet casing, scrap metal, that sort of thing would do it?

    Your photos are also coming along really nicely! If you like to edit on the computer (which I prefer than doing it on my phone) then GIMP is a great free editor. All I ever do is up the brightness and contrast by 20-30% each and its amazing how much better the picture looks.

    Also really glad you've got some cracking use out of that wash technique, I like the super dull black metal look a lot, consider it stolen...

    1. Thanks! The basic Crimson Thunder scheme is almost exactly the Fleshtearers scheme, since they started from what was left of my Fleshtearers a while after I got rid of most of them. Certain special Units (Bikes, Terminators, non-standard Dreads, Honour Guard, etc.) get the colour scheme inverted, like this. Honestly, the inverted colour scheme started as an excuse to go for a paint scheme that would let my Bikes look decent in both this and as Ravenwing ;)

      A little something like that might do on the base, yeah.

      I've got an old editing program that I'm really comfortable with, even tho it's far from the best. It's no longer made or supported, tho, so next time I get a new computer, I'm probably switching to the GIMP. This one has an "Auto-Level" function that does far better than I can do fiddling with the settings by myself.

      I've always liked the idea of metallics as highlights for black, but until I saw that technique, I never managed to get it just right. The extra reflectivity of the metallic helps capture the specular highlights that blacks get better than anything I can do manually. Thanks for sharing that!