Monday, June 25, 2018


So, fucking finally, I actually finished something. Actually, they still want a little more gloss on the water, and maybe some little clumps of static grass, but I took them to a Tournament and got 2nd in Best Painted, so I think I can call them done. Which makes Magore's Fiends my first completed project so far this year, and in time to count for Azazel's June-Unit Challenge, making them also the first hobby challenge I've completed so far this year. Anyhow, on to the shinies!
Magore himself! I played around a bit with using some different inks on the Daemon and Orruk skulls

I also decided to add some freehand, since that's a substantial part of the painting rubric for these events. Not 100% happy with the Mark of Khorne there, but I am very happy with the tiger stripes
Puppy! Riptooth is so great. One of my favourite Fighters in Shadespire, fast and deadly. He looks brighter here than in person, something about the way Blood for the Blood God interacts with the flash, I think.
I use BftBG as the main colour on all my Khorne Daemons, with the idea being that they're outright made of blood and brass. I tried to get the Mark of Khorne branded on his shoulder to look like clotted blood, but had trouble getting it to stand out.
A look at the basing. One more layer of that gloss brown ink will really give the muddy water a nice sheen.
Ghartok Flayskull. I converted him to have a helmet, but it may have been a poor decision, since now I really have trouble telling him apart from Zharkus

And here's Zharkus the Bloodsighted. He and Ghartok are almost, but not quite, identical rules-wise, which doesn't help when trying to keep them sorted out
The whole Warband together. I'm very happy with how these guys came out, even if I do see a bunch of stuff that wants touch up now that I'm looking at the zoomed in pics
Overall, they were pretty fun to paint, especially since I managed to learn from my mistakes with some of the other Warbands, and didn't glue them to their bases until I was more or less done. Made it much easier to get all the detail sculpted on the bases painted up.

They're really fun to play, too, and very effective. The only games I've lost with them were in a mirror match where my Opponent had a better-tuned Objective deck. As well as their hitting power, their Faction-specific Objective cards really help push them up toward the top, with 5 "Score Immediately" cards, almost as many as any two other Factions put together. None of them are particularly hard to accomplish, either, and a couple are almost trivial in a lot of matchups. I plan to do a bit more of a write-up on deck building for them at some point, but wanted to keep this focused on the painting.

Until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. Well done. They're such great models that they almost paint themselves I think. I also think your freehand came out well. Maybe just a little cleanup for sharper edges, but it looks good.

    I think I'm going to do an alternative scheme on these guys when I get to them. I've seen a lot of cool alternative paint jobs that I feel compelled to try it. Plus, it's just fun to do something different.

    Also, looking forward to seeing what you have to say on deck builds for these guys. This is the warband I've used the least, so I'm all ears.

    1. Thanks! The freehand isn't bad, it just isn't what I saw in my head. You know how it goes.

      I'm actually planning on getting another set and doing an alternative colour scheme and some more extensive conversion myself, since I got a great idea for it after I had these ones done.

      I'll try to get the deck post written up soon.

  2. Great work! All GW models should come with a helmeted option. No exceptions. Magore's daemonic jawbone axe just looks mint. I'm not buying any more Shadespire until I've painted Garrek's Reavers! Do not tempt me!

    1. Truth. It really bugs me when they don't at least give me the option for a helmet. Especially when they're unique or unusual helmets, like on the Primaris Reivers.

      Since Garrek's Reavers are my least favourite Warband in the game, I am the wrong person to appeal to for help keeping you on task with them ;)

    2. just bought some Reivers. Nice kit. You get full helmet, no helmet and facemask-only head options. There is no helmet without facemask option so I'm converting one or two. Another rung down the ladder of insanity.

    3. Nurr. I was talking about the ETB Reivers. The full kit is better. I even distinctly remember telling myself to mention that, and still not doing it.

    4. ETB?... easy to build?! Eeeeuuuw! I'm very disappointed in you.

    5. I got one of the smaller Starter Sets in a raffle at an event. Had a bunch of ETB dudes in it. Waste not, want not.

  3. Related to Fiends, but not this article directly, I was hoping to ask you something. However, it's more suited for email communication, or messaging via-social media. Seeing as I don't know any of your social media accounts (if you have any), I figured email might be easier.

    So, would you mind tossing me an email at thor at Obviously avoiding spambots by omitting a proper at sign there.

  4. These look really good, as does your freehand rune of Khorne on the cape. I'm going to have to start on some of these models after I clear the decks a little more. After seeing your kitbash, I'm actually tempted to pick up a second set of these for an alternative paint and modelling scheme.

    1. Thanks! Like I said to Thor above, the freehand isn't quite what I saw in my head, but it's still good.

      I'm actually planning on picking up another set of them myself for a pretty extreme alternate version. I think the head swap on Ghartok really helped the model, yeah.