Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sector Imperialis Breakdown

Now that clear pics are up for the sprues of the new Sector Imperialis kits, I decided to give them a look, see which ones look like they have the most potential, and which of the kits makes the best deal. Between the various kits, there are six different sprues referred to, some of which have two pictures on the website, but are apparently one sprue.

First off, we have the Ruins sprue. This is one of the two-parters, and is included in all the kits. The Sector Imperialis Ruins kit consists of only this sprue, but unless you're really desperate for more of them, it seems like a bad deal at US$35 for just the one sprue.
Pretty standard stuff, fairly similar to the previous Ruin kits. These can stand on their own, or be added on top of the intact wall sections to make ruined upper levels. Looks like there's a reason they're in every kit.

Next up, we have the Wall Sprue. Another common one, part of every kit other than the Ruins, and two of them are in the Sanctum and Basilicanum kits. These are where the scale differences from the previous GW Ruins really start to be noticeable, being far taller, and making use of that for some fairly impressive arched windows.
It is nice that half of them should be solidly LoS blocking for anything up to the height of a Rhino or so, but you might still want to "board up" some of the larger windows for better LoS blocking, since none of them are completely solid. Also, note that the two round vents in the sections on the left are the right size and heights to match the various pipeline fittings from the Sector Mechanicus range.

The last common sprue is the Floor Sprue. Or rather, the Ruins and Floor Sprue, since half of it is made up of partial wall sections and various fittings. The Administratum and Sanctum each come with one of these, while the Basilicanum has two.
The detail is great, but only getting 4 1/2 floor tiles feels a bit underwhelming. I kind of wish it were just the lower part doubled or something. I'll see how my opinion on that changes once I actually get my hands on them and can get a better feel for the size. I also like that the partial floor tiles are designed to fit together to make a damaged, but functionally intact tile.

The first of the more specific sprues is the Columns/Flying Buttresses/Small Statues Sprue. Available only in the Sanctum, there's some cool stuff on here, and the presence of this along with the extra Wall Sprue makes a good argument for shelling out the extra US$25 over the Administratum's US$50.
As I said, to me, this makes a pretty compelling upgrade over the smaller kit. There are tons of places where flying buttresses make sense to add on, and the statues have all kinds of potential uses. I also really like that the statue on the lower right is cast in two pieces, very cleverly so that they can fit together to build it intact, or look nicely shattered if the two parts are left separate.

The remaining sprues are unique to the Basilicanum kit so far. At least among the individual kits. The first of them, the Columns and Arches Sprue, is also included in the Kill Team starter set. It looks like this is mostly used for finishing off walls that would otherwise end with one of the open portions of the wall sections, and the large arched entryway.
Looks like one that's good to have around, but you probably wouldn't want a bunch of for most projects, so it makes sense to only have it in the one kit. Especially since it is in the starter set as well, which should make it relatively common on the secondary market.

Rounding out both the Basilicanum and the collection of sprues, we have another two-parter, the Large Statue Sprue. These guys look to be about on the same scale as the Space Marine statue from the Honoured Imperium. Or in other words, fucking huge. Definitely another that I don't mind being restricted to just one kit, tho I kind of wonder if they're going to get released on their own at some point.

Tossing in one of the painted pics here as well, since the sprue pic doesn't show the front of them. They look pretty cool, and also like they can improve the LoS blocking of the wall sections significantly, which is very nice.

Breaking it down differently, these are available as four individual kits, plus the Kill Team starter. In increasing order of cost, we have:
  • At US$35, the Ruins set, which as far as I can tell, consists of just one of the Ruins Sprue. Doesn't seem like a very good deal compared to option #2.
  • The Administratum set. US$50, only $15 more than the Ruins, and it also comes with one each of the Wall and Floor Sprues.
  • Stepping up to US$75, we have the Sanctum, adding another Wall Sprue and the Flying Buttress/Small Statue Sprue. Seems like a pretty reasonable upgrade price for the extra content. Basically a 50% price bump for a 67% content bump, and it's the only place to get the Small Statue Sprue.
  • The Basilicanum, the last and largest of the stand-alone sets, swaps the Flying Buttress/Small Statue Sprue for the Columns and Archways Sprue, and adds a second Floor Sprue and the Large Statue Sprue. At US$100, that's another $25 to jump from 5 to 7 (almost 8, because the statues are huge) sprues. Again, seems like a reasonable differential, but it's clearly one you're only going to get if you want the big statues.
  • Finally, at US$130, the KT starter doesn't quite come with an exact match for any particular combination of kits, but is roughly equivalent to one each of the Ruins, Administratum, and Sanctum sets (just with the different Column Sprue), which would be US$160 to pick up separately. Add in the two Units (whether using them or selling them), and that's a pretty good bundle deal.
From what I see, the best way to go for general purposes is a mix of the Administratum and Sanctum sets. I do hope the Archway Sprue gets released as part of another kit at some point here, just to have it available without buying one of the US$100+ options. I don't feel like it's worth getting the Basilicanum for that sprue, that one's only worth the cash if you want the statues.

They did add a couple of different combos of the base sprues to the Sector Mechanicus line a while after the original release (the Promethium Forge and, IIRC, the Ferratonic Incinerator), so I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more sets show up using just these sprues, and we'll probably also see some completely new add-ons as well, like the Galvanic Servo-Haulers and Promethium Regulators were for Sector Mechanicus.

Until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. I've been avidly watching unboxing videos of this and the scenery is probably the main reason I want to buy the starter set. Well played GW, well played. Did you notice that you can attach the wall sections at 45 degree angles as well as 90 degrees and do all sorts of wonderful octagonal shit!? I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any GW stuff this month, especially with Adeptus Titanicus coming out but I am seriously weakening now. You just made it worse!

    1. I had not seen that they could go together at 45 degree angles. That opens up a ton of really cool possibilities, especially since the Sector Mechanicus kits can do a lot of 45 degree layouts as well.

      For me, Adeptus Titanicus is the one that's going to wait. I love the idea, and the Models look amazing but I don't know anyone local who's interested, and none of it is really compatible with regular 40K, while this all is.

    2. Hmmm.. thats a good point. Different scale, different models, more rules to learn, more expansions to haemorrhage money on. On the other hand, I already have models to make Killteams for SM, GK, Tau, Orks, GSC, Necrons and Tyranids and don't need to buy anything except the starter set. When you put it like that...

    3. Death Guard! I finally have a reason to take them off the sprue! That seals the deal, I think.

    4. I should go into Sales!

      j/k. I would be awful in Sales ;)

  2. Awesome! I appreciate the breakdown, been looking forward to getting my hands on the kits. Think I'm going to have to go 2 sanctums and a basilicanum, hoping to make a decent sized temple as a centerpiece for my existing urban environment. Kinda bummed it seems like the new kits aren't particularly compatible with the old building walls (if I'm understanding correctly). Like Monkey Chuka, been trying to be good and save up for AT but I feel the itch for new terrain!

    1. Two Sanctums and a Basilicanum sounds like it should give you a pretty impressive temple there.

      No, they aren't really compatible with the old Sector Imperialis buildings. Those were based on 3" high stories, while these are more like 5". If you've seen any of the Sector Mechanicus stuff mixed with the old Sector Imperialis line, that'll give you a good basis for comparison, since this was designed to match the Mechanicus stuff. It will really make that temple stand out from your preexisting urban terrain, tho, much more grand and majestic.

  3. Thanks for putting this together, WestRider. I think I'll stick with a pair of the KT starter sets and then wait for bundles for any more of it.
    Going to skip Titanicus as well here, due to price, lack of opponents and not wanting to need to start everything again compared to 28mm or even the small amount of 15/20mm stuff I have.

    1. You're welcome! I saw a couple of breakdown posts like this for the Sector Mechanicus stuff when it first came out, but none for this line, so I figured I'd fill in the gap myself. Only later found out that apparently no one else has done the price breakdown, and I actually had some completely unique commentary here.

  4. This was super-useful in figuring out just what's in all those boxes. It's somewhat opaque from the GW site. Thanks so much!

    1. Glad I could help! I admit, it took some significant time to dig through the various options and work it all out. It was kind of a fun puzzle, tho.