Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warp Shield Generator Complete!

Well, it wants some more touchup, but given how much else I have to work on, I'm calling it good for now. As I mentioned, it's not just for my DaemonKin, but for all my Chaos Armies, so I did one side for each God. Here are Nurgle and Khorne, and below are Slaanesh and Tzeentch:
The camera didn't do a great job of capturing the transitions, and it seems to make stuff a bit bluer. Looks better in person.
My secret weapon is this huge house-painting brush. I've used a couple of different ones over the years, because I use them a lot for drybrushing Terrain that's got sand on and stuff, and that really wrecks 'em. Eh, they're like $2 at the hardware store. This one's 1 1/2", because they were out of the 1" with the bristles that I like when I went in the other day, but it still works pretty well. Most of the WiP stuff you can see here with it was done using just it for most of what's been done so far.

I finally got my list nailed down, less than 60 hours before dice drop. Had a bit of a panic when I went to double-check it, because I'd made two math errors in the original. In one, I carried an extra hundred, and in the other, I forgot to carry a hundred. In my first check, I only found the second error, panicked, stripped out a bunch of Hounds, added it all up again from scratch, and found myself at 1748. Doh. Did it all again from the start, found the other error, and got the final form:

195/195 - Lord, Juggernaut, Gorethirster, Power Sword, 4++, Meltabombs
155/350 - Lord, Bike, Axe of Ruin
160/510 - 2x8 Bloodletters
064/574 - 2x1 Chaos Spawn
390/964 - 3 MaulerFiends
100/1064 - Void Shield Generator, 2 extra Shields

170/1234 - Chaos Lord, Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, Axe of Blind Fury, 4++
050/1284 - 10 Culties

111/1395 - 3 Bikers, 2xMelta, Combi-Melta, Meltabombs
101/1496 - 3 Bikers, 2xMelta, Meltabombs
160/1656 - 2x5 Flesh Hounds
192/1848 - 12 Flesh Hounds

I did drop one Hound to put some Meltabombs back in, because I started thinking about having to deal with something like a Hellforged Hunting Pack, and I basically just had the MaulerFiends there. Think it's pretty well rounded now, at least as far as DK go. It's a fun list to play. Insanely fast, and whatever does make it across the field hits like a ton of bricks.


  1. Warp generator looks great! Maybe some blood splashed on Khorne's side only? Either way will look great on the battlefield.

    Huge drybrush!! And a cool WIP pile too.

    I hear you on the errors, I always write mine in battlescribe then double check them, but I always end up having to do it three or four time because either me or battlescribe has buggered up!

    1. I was thinking of going back later and doing some blood on the Khorne side, pus or generic slime on the Nurgle side, flames or something on the Tzeentch side, and fluids that it's probably best not to think about too much on the Slaanesh side.

      That'll come later, tho. I've gotta get 4 Flesh Hounds, a Biker Champ, and that Bloodthirster at least minimally done first, and there's a bunch of other stuff that wants extra work.

      That brush is my key to getting big Models done fast. I used it for all the red on the Bloodthirster and Flesh Hounds, and to lay down the greys on my DreadTober entries. It's how I did five Drop Pods in maybe an hour and a half, and my StormWolf in like 2 hours or so. And it's quieter and easier to maintain than an airbrush :)

      I've found over the years that just doing them by hand ends up with the fewest errors for me. That doesn't mean no errors, as demonstrated, but it feels like something gets screwed up every time I try to use a program or spreadsheet or something for it.