Saturday, January 9, 2016

Warp Shield Generator: Scale Check

Doing a bit of a check on size now that I've got the thing roughly hacked to shape. I'm using a Knight as comparison because in part I'm working from this pic:
Mine's a bit bulkier, and it's a complete LoS blocker, but otherwise I think I've got it about right. The LoS bit shouldn't be an issue, because if I'm hiding anything behind it, it's going to be stuff like Culties or Flesh Hounds, that wouldn't come up to the point where the difference really starts.

I carved some stonework patterns in it, and gave most of it a coat of Mod Podge (Thanks for the rec, Thor!). Tomorrow, when that's dry, there are a few bits I'm going to patch up with spackle, and get Mod Podge on the rest. Then probably one more thinned down coat, just to make sure I've gotten all the cracks and crevices sealed, glue some Chaos icons on it (Mon-Tues), spray it black (Weds), and get it all drybrushed on Thursday so it's ready to head over to Bellevue for TSHFT when I take off Friday afternoon.

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