Monday, June 20, 2016

ClassicHammer 1250

There was a 1250 Point Tournament at Game Wizard on Saturday, and since I'd just (mostly) finished up this new ThunderLord, I decided to bring my Space Wolves. It was listed as being a "ClassicHammer" event, but I couldn't find the specific Rules for that anywhere (because my Google-Fu was weak. They popped right up when I looked just now :P ), so I decided to just go with a single Faction CAD with no FW, figuring that should suffice:

251  -  Wolf Lord, TW, Wolf Claw, PowerFist, 2 FenWolves, Armour of Russ
236  -  Wolf Lord, TW, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, 2 FenWolves
140  -  5 Blood Claws, Flamer, Razorback, Assault Cannon
140  -  5 Blood Claws, Flamer, Razorback, Assault Cannon
160  -  3 TWC, Storm Shield, PowerFist
160  -  3 TWC, Storm Shield, PowerFist
160  -  3 TWC, Storm Shield, PowerFist

 The key point that I missed through not having the Rules on hand was that only Troops (and not even their Dedicated Transports) are Scoring. That hurt. Especially since we were running ITC Missions, which have a pseudo-Maelstrom component that frequently needs your Scoring Units doing things every Turn.
Wanted to show off the basing a little more here
Game 1 is basically not even worth discussing in any kind of detail. He had 22 ScatBikes, 6 D-Cannon, and a Farseer on a Jetbike. No one else had anything that could stand up to that kind of firepower, and he ended up handily winning the whole Tournament. His list is one of the big reasons they're changing some things up for the next time they do ClassicHammer. Partly changing the Maelstrom requirements and some other things (like Linebreaker) from "Scoring Unit" to "Unit". Possibly some other things. Frankly, I don't think they're going to fix the problem unless they're willing to outright change or ban a few things.
I tried out the black background for my light box. It's nice for these, but way too glossy.
Game 2 was a completely different story. It was against a Dark Eldar Player who I've played before, and had a really good Game with (he's the dude giving a thumbs up here, while I'm on the ice table behind getting my face kicked in by the Eldar), and this one was similar. The Mission this time was The Scouring, which meant in ClassicHammer that our Fast Attack Units were Scoring, making it a very different Game. A very brutal one, too, we both ended up absolutely mauling each other (I think I had 2 Blood Claws, 1 wounded ThunderWolf, and a damaged Razorback at the end, while he had something like 7 Warriors in 4 separate Units and a SkyWeaver). If I'd managed to kill one more Warrior in my last Charge, I would have had a crushing victory, but as it was, that last dude contested one of the 3 Point Objectives, giving Sheldon the victory on Scouring thanks to the points for killing off my ThunderWolves, while I squeaked out a win on the Maelstrom, and then eked out an overall win by having that one ThunderWolf in his DZ for Linebreaker.
Game 3 was kind of weird. I think the guy was the Ringer, but he might have just been someone that somebody loaned an Army to and brought along. Regardless, his Army was a mess of Proxied Night Lords Bikers being played as White Scars. He was really out of practice and way behind the times on his Rules. My buddy Nathaniel had played him earlier and said he was kind of on edge the whole time because he couldn't keep track of the Proxies. Ended up not really being an issue in this Game, partly because of his dice, and partly because, once I lose one TWC, the Units with Lords in become almost immune to Grav, thanks to the FenWolves taking the Majority Armour Save to 6+ and then having to get through a Storm Shield. But mostly because he had to get close to do anything, being mostly 12-18" Firepower, and that doesn't end well when you're up against ThunderWolves. I had all his Troops cleared out by the bottom of Turn 2, and then just threw all my remaining TWC into his Command Squad DeathStar to keep them tied up while my Blood Claws ran around and grabbed Objectives.
Hello, lunch!
I ended up tying for 6th out of 20, which feels pretty good given how poorly suited my Army was for the format. I also got a lot of nice comments on my Army's appearance, which was really great. Speaking of which, shout-out to Thor for tips on the snow effect. I used Blue Horror to tint the glue mix instead of white (perhaps a little too much, it came through rather more strongly than I expected), but it's otherwise pretty much as he described. I also used GF9 Snow Effect instead of Woodland Scenics. It's basically the same, but comes in a much smaller container, and after going over about half my SW with that, I'm pretty much out, so I've got a big tub of the WS stuff on the way.

Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. I always wonder if a player that goes to a tournament with all scatter laser jetbikes and D-weapons actually has fun at these events?
    I actually feel bad if I have a game where I just utterly crush my opponent. It doesn't make a good game for either player.

    1. He actually said he had been getting pretty bored with his Eldar lately. As much as anything at this point, he's running them to pick up store credit prize support to build another Army so he's got something else to play.