Thursday, June 9, 2016

#TBT Chaos Autocannon

Back in the previous millennium, when I was just getting into 40K, the store I went to had a display cabinet which contained, among other cool things, a Chaos Marine with this awesome Autocannon. After an amount of asking around and trying to figure out that seems utterly ridiculous in these days of SOLegends, I finally found out that it was OOP, and had been for a while. Over the years, I managed to pick up a few of the Missile Launchers and, for some reason, a bunch of the Heavy Conversion Beamers from the same Sprue, but never the Autocannon.

Then a week or so ago, while I was searching around trying to figure out if another Autocannon I thought I remembered had actually been a thing, I ran across an eBay post that had several of them available, and finally, almost 20 years after I saw that first one, have four of them!

Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Nice, those will look pretty cool. I can't even remember how they are held.

    I had to convert my autocannons in the end, they went a little bit larger:

    1. Those are great, dude! I have a bunch of Converted ones already, as well as three different actual types of various vintage, but I've still always wanted some of these. My CSM collection is kind of ridiculously huge ;)

    2. My collection is a lot smaller and growing very, very slowly.

    3. Yeah, I did my time at that point. After 20 years, it kind of accumulates, tho ;)