Saturday, October 29, 2016

DreadTober 4: Better Late than Never

I've been plugging along, but had trouble getting around to clearing off enough table space for my light box. Just did a photo-session this morning. I'm just short of ecstatic about how the IW Dreads came out, just wish the inks I blobbed all over the fleshy bits had blended in better. I want to eventually get around to glazing or stippling over with more Rakarth Flesh, but for now, it is what it is.

On the second one, I also wish I'd done a bit of turn on the torso or something to reinforce the motion of the hammer arm. I also meant to sculpt some flesh over onto part of the Melta, but forgot until after I was well into painting. I'm particularly happy with how well the work I put into painting the bases photographed, tho. I was worried it wasn't really going to show up, but the little spots of ink that I splattered around before highlighting did come through pretty nicely, giving the grimy appearance that I wanted.

I slapped some paint on this guy last week for the Pocket GT when I realized that I was 5 Points over if I took my MM/HF Dread, and I didn't have a MM/SB Dread painted for my SW. Just an AoBR Dread, so I'm still counting it even tho the assembly was done before DreadTober, since the assembly is pretty much trivial on those.

And last, but not least, the SW Contemptor. I'm not entirely satisfied with the Chaos Dread Power Claw on the base, but not sure what I want to do to kick it up a bit. Also just realized that I forgot to go back and hit a couple of spots on the trophy rack and do the highlights on the gems. Oh well.

Another big thanks to Joe for putting this together this year, and y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. Looking great mate :) The bases really finish them all off, the difference between the IW and SW bases really under scores how they set off the models in different ways.

    The IW are some of my favourite chaos dreads I've seen. The arms work so well on them with the chaos sarcophagus. Quite the dreadnought haul!!!

    1. Thanks! Your Mechanicum stuff was a big part of what got me thinking more about my basing, and going beyond just a mix of sand and turf to get something a bit different, that would help theme each Army a bit more. I can't take all the credit, tho. GW's Realm of Battle bases are a really nice start to work from.

      Taking two similar Models and swapping bits around has been a core of my Chaos modeling for ages. It doesn't always work out this well, but it does often enough that it remains one of my go-tos. I think the strongly unified colour scheme really helps tie the parts from the different kits together, too.

      I should haul out all my Dreads at some point, take a group shot. No way I'm getting that whole lot in the light box, tho ;)

  2. Well done. Knocking out 4 is impressive, and they look good too.

    Clever idea on the kit-bash, swap arms to get two Chaos Dreadnoughts. I'll probably steal that idea at some point :)

    1. Thanks! That kind of mashup is something I've been doing for a long time, but I find it really helps to get the newer, extra-mutated Chaos dudes to blend in a bit better with the older ones that are closer to Imperial designs.