Monday, June 6, 2016

Kytan Reborn

No gift of exile in my fate
I'll get no amnesty
You can't control my destiny
There is no habitual need
Proclaim my death, to end my wrath
It takes more than one try
Indulge your ineffective curse
I will never die

 I was hoping to get this up before Mike put up my Better Know a Blogger interview, but it's been stupidly hot and muggy here the last couple of days, and, well, pretty much nothing requiring more effort or focus than sitting in front of the fan and drinking water happened :P

Anyhow, I managed to more or less rescue my Kytan from its partial melting, and started in on painting it.

These next shots, from the rear, give a good look at what happened. I straightened the left leg back out again with some boiling water, but left the right warped, as it let me break apart the hip joints and get the whole thing together in a slightly better pose. Plus, being warped is par for the course for a Daemon Engine, right?

This bit really reminds me of some of the fluff descriptions of possessed people in 40K, walking on ruined legs that shouldn't be able to support their weight, still standing because the sheer force of the Daemon's will is overriding the laws of physics.

And a couple of shots of it magged over into Chaos Knight Errant mode.

I realized afterward that I really should have done some of the red first in areas that are harder to reach without messing up the trim and would have been protected from the 1" brush, particularly on the right shoulder and the smaller round plates just inside of the shoulder guards. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

This is my basic start to pretty much all of my Khornate Models. Grab a Bigass Brush™, lay down a very heavy coat of Warplock Bronze, and then an only slightly lighter overbrushing of Brass Scorpion. Gives a really nice effect for very little effort, especially once I touch up the areas that aren't going to be brass.

Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Nicely done. Having that sucker melt on you was rough to see, and I can only imagine a blow to motivation to do much of anything. Getting back at it, and plowing ahead, is all you can do. So, I'm glad to see this resurrected, or should I say, back from the warp? ;)

    I haven't picked up the Warplock Bronze yet. It must be a darker bronze than Brass Scorpion?

    1. Yeah, there's a reason it was a while before I got to this point. I had it partly done for some time, but just wasn't able to get myself to put the work in until the other night. I expect it's gonna go pretty fast from here to the point of "willing to take it to a Tournament", if not to completely finished.

      Warplock Bronze is the new version of what used to be Tin Bitz. Very dark bronze/brass colour, yeah. It's one of my staples, I use it as an undercoat for corroded/rusted steel as well.

    2. I hear you. I've had modeling disasters, though none that large, and had to set something aside for weeks before I could deal with it.

      Gotcha. I still have some Tin Bitz surprisingly, so now I know what to replace it with.

  2. Congrats on the fix! I actually like the new look and your rationale for why the leg looks twisted, it makes sense based on the background.

  3. Nice save - gutted to see the melted picture, that was heart-wrenching. Curse you, sun!

    I'm digging how it turned out in the end, you're totally right in how the limpy leg gives it just that extra chaos-y touch. Good stuff!


      Thanks! Glad the effect looks right to others as well.


  5. Way to recover on this guy!

    1. Thanks! I'm really relieved I pulled it off.