Monday, November 25, 2019

Scenic September: WarCry Terrain

Finally getting around to posting the pics for the other half of Azazel's September challenge. Again, mostly just a pic dump, as there isn't a whole lot to say about these. Sprayed black, then just heavily overbrushed, using a half-inch brush for the grey first, then a quarter-inch for most of the rest. The seasoned and cut timber is XV-88, while the fresher logs are Rhinox Hide (I think. Might have been Dryad Bark) for the bark, and Ushabti bone for the still-green inner wood. Some Typhus Corrosion and Skrag Brown for rust on the steel parts, the always wonderful Nihilakh Oxide on the bronze gratings, and then a bit of drybrushing to bring both of those back up.

Starting off with the bell tower, the coolest piece in the set. Again, these were shot before I switched back to my dark background again, and the high contrast made it hard to get great pics, but if you open the bigger versions, they should be a bit better. The stairs fit really nicely, staying in place well, but still easily removable to use elsewhere.

In retrospect, I probably should have done a "breakdown" pic of this one, too. It's actually four separate parts, each usable on their own in combination with various other parts of the set: The fallen statue, the stairs, the platform, and the "gate" on the end of the platform. Again, stays together very nicely during game play despite how easy it is to take apart and move around.

The various smaller pieces of the set. I don't have enough room in my lightbox to show the bridges actually in use. The log barricades really didn't photograph well here; the bronze sections are much clearer in person. If you look at the end parts of the little ruin, you'll see there are two different broken grating pieces. If you put them together facing each other, they're both distorted in the same direction, so you can set up a spot where something just busted right through and the broken parts all look right for it, like it really was one section originally.

The first of the larger buildings. It takes a lot of angles to show everything that's going on here.

The second larger section of ruins. I really like how that joining piece between the two halves works. It's just the right degree of broken down for the gap there. There's a third pic of this, but it's not uploading for some reason.

The final, and largest, section of ruins. I don't really have a good shot of the whole bunch of it together, but here's one from a game a while back. This was actually before I'd got it to the point it is in the rest of the pics, but it still looked pretty good at tabletop distance:

I'd like to do a little more with it, maybe do a super light drybrush with an off-white over everything, and there's a ton of sloppy spots that could use some touch-up, but it's more than good enough for casual use. As usual, I have a few more things currently going on, and hopefully I'll get some of them done and ready to post soon, but who knows how long it will actually be. Until then, y'all have a good one, y'hear!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Squaddie September: Flesheater Courts Warcry Warband

 Basically just a pic dump. I've been really unproductive for the past month or so, in large part due to a pretty nasty bursitis flare-up in my hip that makes shifting from a sitting to standing position really painful, and has been interfering with pretty much every aspect of my life. Anyhow, here's some Ghouls, and also some larger ones. I can never remember what the hell the bigger ones are called, I just sort of think of them as bigger Ghouls. I actually built them more like the Vampire Counts version because the heads look cooler, and those ones aren't used in WarCry, so there's no possibility of confusion. I kind of wish there were smaller winged Ghouls as well, I think that would be a cool niche.

Like most of the Warbands adapted from pre-existing forces, they're stupidly overpowered compared to the Warbands created purely for the game. Theoretically, it's balanced out by the points costs, but the ability to concentrate so much hitting power and durability into the space of one Model (and as a result into one Activation) is a really big deal, and the Fly runemark seems to be badly under-priced by the devs.

They were painted purely with Army Painter glazes over a light tan spray (one of the Krylon Camo line), except for the wings, which I used to experiment with Volupus Pink, from the Contrast paints. Unfortunately, it doesn't end up looking like I wanted for my Thorns of the Briar Queen, so I need to go back to the drawing board there to figure out how I want to do them.

I also have some Terrain pics to post up, and I'm halfway done with my Untamed Beasts (using a similar approach as with the Ghouls) and my Splintered Fang (need to find more cool venomous snake patterns that are within my ability to paint. Hopefully something out of that will be up before too much longer, but however long it may be, y'all have a good one, y'hear!