Friday, December 28, 2018

Diabolical December: Ogroid Thaumaturge

Another finished Model thanks to Azazel's Hobby Challenges! I've been procrastinating on this guy for literally years because of all those damn tattoos/scars/whatever. Finally forced myself to go through and get them all, a little at a time, in perhaps a dozen sessions over a week or so. He still wants a shitload of touch-up and some more detailing, but I can't deal with him any more, I need him to just be done. So I have commanded. So let it be.
I was trying to do a flame effect in pink coming out of the eyes of the skull. It's harder, because in normal fire colours, our eyes can accept a certain amount of simplification and still recognize it as something we're familiar with, but with different colours, we can't lean on that pattern recognition as much.
I was trying for a bit of a glow effect on the tats. There are a couple of layers of pink in there, but it doesn't come out well here. My camera seems to treat thin layers as being more translucent than they are to the eye.

Kinda washed out, unfortunately. Downsides of a cheap lightbox.
This one is probably about the closest to how the colours look in person
I kinda wanted to show off the eye on his Championship Belt. I'm also pretty happy with the work on his claw and hooves.

Holiday stuff, and the way I tend to work on multiple projects means I tend to get things done in bursts, so there's more almost done. I've got a couple of the characters from Rogue Trader ready, and I'm hoping to get one more in under the line. Might be able to finish the Gaunt Summoner and his Familiars, too, but not as likely. I also need to get around to doing individual shots of the Chose Axes still, and I've got pics of some of the little gribblies from Rogue Trader that I need to process. Hopefully I'll manage some more posts without quite such a long gap this time. In case I don't get around to it, tho, y'all have a happy New Year's, y'hear!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Beneath the Mirrored City

In long-forgotten tunnels and catacombs and basements, connected by gaps in crumbling, time-eaten walls, the search for the secrets of Shadespire goes on, just as it does in the streets and ruined buildings above. And so too do the battles between those who wish to keep those secrets from all others...
I'll put up individual pics of my take on The Chosen Axes sometime in the next few days. Right now, they're packed up for tomorrow's Sparkle Party Death Match. I must admit to being a bit nervous about this one, since I won the last one, but this time I'm bringing a couple of Bands that I'm still getting the hang of and I'm not entirely confident in my decks for, rather than Magore's Fiends, who I know inside and out. I don't feel like I need to win this one, I just don't want to completely embarrass myself with an 0-3 finish or something. I'll let y'all know how it went soon. Until then, y'all have a good one, y'hear!