Sunday, January 1, 2017


Sorry it's been a while. This was not a good fall from a Getting Hobby Shit Done perspective, and even worse for blogging about it. Trying to start the new year off right here, even if I am pushing it a bit even there (it's still the first here, we're one of the last time zones to go over).

Anyhow, this is an old Grenadier dragon that I painted as a present for my mom back in the 90s. It came on a tiny base, and fell over all the time and broke repeatedly, so I recently snagged it back and pinned and glued everything back together, touched up the paint in a few places, and most importantly, slapped it on top of a 90mm oval base and added a bunch of sand and talus to make it way more stable.
The original base is just the inner two rows of stones. Everything else, I added.
A lot of the watery stuff didn't photograph very well. I swirled a couple of different greens and blues together, then added on a few layers of green, blue, and brown inks, and topped it off with soem gloss varnish. The foam (little amounts of Mourn Mountain Snow with a bit of Seraphim Sepia and then some more white drybrushed on) stand out way more here, and the slops of gloss green ink look much more like seaweed stuck on the rocks in person.
Needed a ton of touchup where the paint had been scraped up in the various falls and when I was cleaning up to re-glue it together. I had to be really careful around the wing membranes, because I don't have any of that 90s Snakebite Leather anymore, but fortunately I do still have my Dwarf Bronze and the green and purple metallics from that era, so I was able to get most of it matched just fine, and added on a few more highlights and picked out some details that I wasn't good enough to get when I was 16. Gave it back to my mom at Christmas, and she was very happy with it.

That's that. Hopefully I'll be getting back on here more often. I've got a bunch of stuff in progress for my Alpha Legion and Chaos Daemons that will hopefully come out pretty cool, as well as a couple of non-hobby things that I think still might interest a few folks. Until then, y'all have a good one, y'hear!