Friday, July 29, 2016

Machines that Kill 2: Kill You Harder

Tomorrow morning (OK, technically later this morning), I'm heading down to Portland as Captain of Team Dice Hard 2: Dice Harder for the 2016 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge. Despite the name hanging on, the competitive level of the event has been progressively emphasized less and less over the years, and at this point, they're not even making a Best General award, and it's very heavily, if informally, comped, with a List Rating Committee looking over everyone's lists to try to keep it all under a certain power level.

Given the name of our team (We were just Dice Hard last year), I felt compelled to pull out my KDK, which I had originally put together as a CSM/CD Allied Force for the 2014 OFCC, before the Faction even existed, with a theme of bio-mechanical hybrids, and called Machines that Kill, after an old SF/Horror anthology I had as a kid. The sequel name combo was just too much of a draw, and they are fun as hell to play.

The rest of this is basically just a PicSpam. Most of them behind a cut, because it really is a ton of pics. Not everything is where I want it to be, but everything is better than it was previously, and in particular, I finally got around to doing all the Daemonic Flesh in BftBG, with the theory being that the Summoned Khornate Daemons are literally made out of blood. There are some pics of the Kytan at the very end, too, but they're not that great, as I didn't have time to mess around with the supplemental lighting that something that tall needs in my lightbox. Anyhow, I'm gonna let the pics take it from here:

My JuggerLord, now more painted, and with a newly-added Power Maul

These guys always Deep Strike. Fluff-wise, they're not actually part of the Army, but are Summoned like the Blood Tithe stuff

Some of my original Flesh Hounds, the product of some horrific Bio-Mechanical experimentation

More Flesh Hounds, these ones have no Cyber Bits because they're for Summoning

Spawn (l-r): Buzz, Slither, Mr. Chompy, and Brother Zebediah

Possessed, really only half-painted, because I almost never use them

Objective Markers. The fiery one, I just finished this afternoon

My favorite Biker Champion. Very fun to convert

As you can see, he's becoming one with his Bike

On to the MaulerFiends

These Conversions were a big part of the initial drive to make this Army

Collectively, they're made from 2 MaulerFiend kits and a SlaughterBrute

This is a big part of where I started kicking my basing up

But they're honestly still pretty much just flat ground

I just got around to doing the Quickshade on the fleshy bits. I don't like it for most purposes because the humidity makes it hard to spray matte sealer afterward

But here I wanted the slimy wet effect, so it was perfect

A Skull Cannon to Summon. Pic doesn't show it too well, but the Basing here is much more varied and less flat

The Big Bad in all his glory

This is the peak of my basing at this point, I think. You can kind of see some of the warping here, and how I had to extend the one piston

A better shot of the front. I used washes to try to get a sort of flame effect over the parts where there are bunches of skulls
I really need to get around to damping down the shine on my black backdrop for the lightbox. Pretty sure most of these would have come out better against a good black, but the one I have is so shiny it causes all sorts of other problems.

Anyhow, that's for later. Right now I'm just gonna take a shower and hit the sack to get a few hours before we roll out tomorrowlater this morning. Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Looking great. Good luck with the event.

    You should also take a photo of the full army together to really show it off.

    1. Thanks! I didn't have the energy to clear enough space for a full army shot last night. Taking my camera with me, tho, so I'll grab one when I set up for early paint judging Friday night.

  2. Fantastic work on the army! I especially like the spawn and the JuggerLord and his captive Tyranid monster.

    You make me want to start working on my Necrons again. Thank you.

    1. Thanks! The Spawn were incredibly fun to build.

  3. I only came here for Mr. Chompy but those Maulerfiends are spectacular!

    1. Thanks! This whole Army was a blast to build and paint. And play back in 7th, but it unfortunately got hit pretty hard by the change to 8th Ed.