Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Dreadtober returns! This was a great motivator to get some work done on my SW Dreads last year, and I'm really happy to see it making another appearance. This year, it's being run by Joe from Broken Paintbrush, but I have no reason to believe he'll do anything but uphold the awesomeness that Greggles brought forth.

This year, I'm turning to the dark side, planning on slamming these together to make a pair of Ironclads for my Iron Warriors, who I'm rebuilding to use Imperial Fists Rules in a Sternhammer Strike Force.
Yes, the photo sucks. I didn't want to deal with my real camera and transferring over a cord and all my bluetooth devices have crappy cameras

Joe says we're supposed to work out a plan and stuff, but frankly, I've always found that approach just creates extra stress for me, and results in less actual productivity. I'm just gonna take the same approach I did with my Mayhem Pack, and make some sub-assemblies from each kit and then start slapping them together and see where it goes from there.
More updates on this and other projects over the next month. Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Nice. My only dreads are 'Psyflemans', a remnant of my shameful foray into the world of Grey Knights. I only look at them in the dead of night when I need to do penance.

    1. I love Dreads, especially Chaos ones. Possibly to unhealthy extent. Like Conan's victories, my collection of them can no longer be easily counted ;)