Thursday, November 24, 2016


In many ways, things are pretty rough right now, but there are still plenty of things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for my family and my various circles of friends, including those I've made through the 40K blogosphere. I'm thankful for my cat. I'm thankful I live in a state where Medicaid covers my HRT. I'm thankful for the Native protesters fighting to protect the millions of people who depend on the Missouri River for access to safe water. I'm thankful for the diversity and resilience of the human species, that we have created so many wonderful things, and somehow still haven't managed to wipe ourselves out.

Whether or not it's Thanksgiving where you live, I hope you all have things worth being thankful for, today and every day. Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. Good to hear that the rough sides of life haven't worn you down. I too find friends from the 40k blogosphere very uplifting.

    Stay safe friend :)

  2. Maybe we can be thankful for Legions? One can hope!

    1. I'm hoping that's gonna be something to be thankful for, for sure!