Sunday, November 20, 2022

Princesses of the Dawn (Part 1)

Due to various health issues (not least, getting covid twice in the past year and a half), I haven't really been able to do much tabletop gaming in quite some time. But I recently reconnected with an old gaming buddy thru Twitter, and he's going to be able to roll up here some time in the new year and I have enough space, energy, and terrain for us to get a few Necromunda games in, so I've started working on a gang to use in a 2 person mini campaign.
I have a bunch of old metal Escher models sitting around that I've used as Chaos Cultists for years, so I'm rebasing them, repainting them in a more coherent scheme, and doing a few conversions to bring them more up to date with what are non-terrible options in House of Blades. In the case of my Leader here, she doesn't actually have an option for the maul this model was originally armed with, and mauls are pretty terrible in Newcromunda anyway. The Shock Whip is much cooler. 
(I've gotta be honest: I've kinda had a crush on this sculpt since I first saw the Escher model range like 25 years ago. Still think she's absolutely gorgeous, and wish I could manage a better paint job to do the model justice, but essential tremor and exhaustion put some hard limits on my capacity for detail work. The maul is technically illegal here, but unlike the first model, it's much harder to remove, and contributes more to the badass vibe, so I'm just going to ignore it rules-wise and have her just armed with the pistol.)
One of the conversions that's not strictly necessary, but I find it really hard to justify paying 15 credits for an Autogun when I can get a Lasgun for 5.
Hard to go wrong with a Plasma Gun, and this is another sculpt I've always been a huge fan of.
I decided to keep this one cheap, but she looks badass enough that I kinda feel like I should have given her a Plasma Pistol and made her a Matriarch or Death Maiden instead of just a Ganger. Hopefully I'll get lucky and be able to promote her at some point. Gonna try to get a better pic of her fur cape at some point, too. Really happy with how that came out.

I primed a bunch more bases today, got two more gangers who are almost done except for still being on 90s Goblin Green, and then I'll pick out another half-dozen or so to fill out the roster and give me some options for expansion. Until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear! 


  1. Ha! Got ya beat: Covid twice and most recently the flu, all inside a calendar year (my god what a truly 'competition' this is...). I do hope you're feeling better!

    Also the chick with the pipe 'maul' is awesome! Not being a fan of thenm in general, I've never paid much attention to the Esher sculpts, so don't think I've ever seen that one before.

    1. Not really, unfortunately. I've got better days and worse days, but I'm unquestionably completely disabled after that shit. It's a good thing I don't live alone anymore, because I can't reliably even walk down to the mailbox and back. Horrible fucking disease.

      The Eschers were Jes Goodwin's contribution to the original Necromunda, so naturally the sculpts are fantastic. Actually, that whole range was pretty great. Mostly by the Perry twins, who have never been less than solid. The only misses for me are a few of Gary Morley's sculpts, but even that's just because I don't care for the Goliath aesthetic, not that he did a bad job, and the range also includes some of his best non-Monster work.

    2. :-(

      (btw that was supposed to say 'truly awful competition...)

    3. I think my brain actually automatically filled in that "awful". I didn't notice it was missing until you mentioned it.