Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Gods in the Underhive (Slaanesh)

Of the four greater Chaos Powers, Slaanesh is unique in not getting even a single suggestion for how to incorporate her worship into the fluff or modelling of a corrupted House gang. I would guess that if they had, it would probably involve Eschers modeled and/or painted to look like they're wearing even less than usual. Let's see if we can't come up with something more interesting than that.

- Goliath: I see a few possibilities here. As with the Eschers, the amount of exposed skin on display could easily suggest something sexual. But I feel like it would be more interesting to explore something like a gang focused on self-perfection to an unreasonable degree, a la the Emperor's Children or the Flawless Host. The amount of stimms they have to use also leaves an opening for falling into the use of less functional drugs as well.

- Van Saar are possibly the most compelling to me here. Imagine a gang suffering nerve damage, all their senses failing them, becoming more and more desperate to be able to feel anything, anything at all, at any cost. Easy pickings for the Dark Prince!

- A Cawdor Word-Keeper could easily fall to the temptation of the inhuman charisma the followers of Slaanesh are noted for. With such oratory and personal magnetism, just imagine how well he could spread the good word of the Redemption. And surely one so righteous would be able to resist the corruption that comes with that power...

- Orlocks, being kinda generic in many ways, don't present a whole lot of specific handles here. The similarly generic sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll combo does feel like it fits pretty well, tho, and could make for a fun project.

- For the Delaque, I think once again their connection with the Silent Ones might be a cool angle. Perhaps one of them becomes fascinated with the different range of sensory inputs that humans have, and pushes those it's connected with to explore them to the utmost. 

- Escher: Again, I think chems are a fun way to go here. This is one of the few that suggests a specific gang build to me, not only focusing on the use of stimms themselves, but also taking chem darts all over the place and getting their enemies all fucked up on Obscura and Kalma. 

- Corpse-Grinder Cults could easily be Slaaneshi as well. In this case, it would perhaps be less about "meat make strong", and more about the sensual allure of eating something with actual flavour. As with Nurgle, there's also some scope here for cool modeling projects with themed masks.

As a side note, I'm only planning one more of these. This is an area where Khorne really suffers from the problem of all war gods in wargames, where turning to him generally involves just doing exactly the same thing that literally everyone else in the game is doing anyway (i.e. violence), just more so, and he becomes basically the generic default option. The standard CGC are already more interesting than anything else I can think of for a House gang.

Anyway, until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear! 

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  1. Ok second attempt at replying to this.

    I think the main issue with Slaanesh not having much coverage in Necromunda is because it is more likely to come from the top down rather than the bottom up. Uphivers are much more likely to succumb to the temptations of the Dark Prince than those who live in the Underhive, who lets face it, are far too busy trying to stay alive!

    That's not to say it's impossible, I just feel that it's a bit of a stretch.
    I think the use of Ghast to open up an inexperienced mind or an emergent Psyker becoming possessed are valid reasons for it happening but even then a gang's structure makes this unlikely.

    Of the 6 main gangs I think Cawdor are the more likely for exactly the reasons you've stated and I could imagine a leader carried on a Palanquin or sedan chair.

    The Escher's use of drugs is an obvious route but I see the Escher more as Dystopian Amazonian warriors who have learnt the hard way about the possible dangers of drugs/stimms. Aesthetically Escher appear to be an easy choice for representing Slaanesh but personally I think that's a little crass.
    GW have had the age old problem of representing 40k models that are obsessed with sensations. pride and extremism. Just because the Escher are female doesn't mean they're a sexual deviants and I'm loathe to denigrate them to this role. It's great to see (semi) independent women who are more than a match for anyone...can you tell they're my favourite gang?

    I struggle to see Goliaths succumbing to Slaanesh mainly because of their short life span. I've always thought of Slaanesh as a slow and subtle corruption compared to the other three gods. One reason that comes to mind could be the Vat-Born being corrupted as they grow. I'm not sure how to aesthetically express Slaanesh with Goliaths without making them look like gimps. The 'perfectionism' of the Emperor's Children or the Flawless Host comes from many years and I just don't see the Goliaths achieving such a feat.

    Van Saar are a bit of a nothing gang for me. I like their book and I like their models but there is something about them that just doesn't click with me. I like your reasoning on why a gang of Van Saar might fall to Slaanesh. The more I think about them the more I like this idea and I have a box of them that I've thought I'll never do anything with these but now I might, nice one.

    Orlocks I just don't see it happening to at all. The majority of the gang would have to be corrupted at the same time for Slaanesh to take hold because of the gang's hierarchy system. Maybe Orlock miners discover some artefact but it just feels like too much of a stretch to me. Aesthetically Orlocks just don't work for Slaanesh. I'm trying to paint some up at the moment and I think these are the worst models of the 6 gangs. Stumpy legs with awful detailing just wreck the whole image for me.

    Delaque I feel are immune to the four gods. Their link to Psychoterica rules out any interference by any other entities in my mind.

    Corpse Grinder Cults are screaming out for a Slaaneshi equivalent. The link between Khorne and Slaanesh has always been there with many of their attributes overlapping. I have built and undercoated a Slaaneshi Corpse Grinder gang using the Unmade from Warcry...yet another unfinished project!

    Outcast gangs offer the most scope for Slaanesh. The could be Wyrds, acolytes or anything you can think of. Many of the Warcry range of models can be used as well as the Outcast models. The FW resin range from Necromunda offers lots of possibilities as well.

    Great topic WestRider, I enjoyed thinking about and expressing my thoughts. Then again Necromunda and Slaanesh are two of my favourite things :)