Friday, December 4, 2015

Escalation Again

I dropped out of the Escalation League at the store, because November just got away from me on a number of levels (including blogging :P), and the way it was organized, players who were ahead had no incentive to accept challenges from players below them, meaning it ended up really static.

But now one of my regular Opponents has three co-workers who are interested in getting into the game, and with some help from a ridiculously good bargain on craigslist, we're helping them get started. We've got a simplified version of Planetary Empires set up, starting with them playing Kill Team or 500 Point Games against one of the more experienced players, and then after a couple of Games, they'll be in range to start going after each other or moving up in Points value, depending on whether they work along the edge or in toward the center.

I doubt they'll all stick around, but one of them has started making terrain already, and even one more player in the local pool would be pretty nice. Plus, I get a few games in with models that I don't usually use, since we've decided to handicap ourselves a bit in games against the newbies, so I'm going to get to do things like run CSM lists that actually involve Chaos Space Marines themselves instead of just Culties, Characters, Helldrakes, and MaulerFiends.

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