Saturday, October 31, 2015

DreadTober: Just Under the Wire

It's still October here, so that counts, right? ;)

They all need massive amounts of touchup, more highlights on the red and gold, and snow on their bases, but that's not happening tonight. I didn't get all four to this point, even, but the one I ditched was the least impressive of them. I also didn't get around to doing the Leadbelcher at all, because I was looking at some of my other SW and realizing how little it stands out from the grey, and decided to focus on the stuff with more impact.

Somehow, despite taking twice as many shots of Bjorn as of the others, his pics came out worst. IDEK. I did find out that one of the issues I'd been having is that my camera has two different sets of modes, and it was in one from the other set that doesn't play well with macro mode. That seems to have helped with the other Dreads, but not with Bjorn for some reason. Maybe my hands were just shakier on his shots because I was more worried about getting good pics. Anyhow, here's the shinies:

I was torn on how to paint the Nid on the base. Leviathan makes the most sense, but Kraken is what the two local players who use official schemes have. I'm really happy with how the ice/glow effects came out on the Helfrost Cannon and TrueClaw. Unfortunately, I noticed while painting him that I screwed up the assembly on TrueClaw. The thumb-claw is in the wrong spot, which makes it look all wonky. Need to try to figure out how I can cut that apart without wrecking it.

Kvedulf IronHand is a homebrew Special Character of mine. No special Rules, but I'm in the process of building Models for him at all stages of his career, from young Fenrisian Warrior to Venerable Dread, as seen here. Again, really happy with the effect I got on the Axe.

Ulli SharpEyes doesn't really have much fancy detail on the sides, so I just did a front-on shot for him. I really like Mortis Dreads for SW, gives them some good Anti-Air without needing Flyers of their own.

And finally, a group shot:
I'm gonna keep working on these guys and hopefully get a completely finished post up sometime in November. For now, tho, I think they're actually sitting pretty nice here. Y'all have a good one, I'm gonna go watch some Scooby Doo and then crash :)


  1. Wow! Three dreads in this time span...very impressive! Congrats and thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks! I'm not the best painter by a long shot, but if there's one thing I'm good, it's knocking out decent results very quickly.

      And thanks again for organizing this. These guys had been sitting around unpainted for months, and this was exactly the motivation I needed to get some paint on them.

  2. Wow! Three dreads in this time span...very impressive! Congrats and thanks for participating!