Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I May Have Bit Off More than I Can Chew

 Yes, I'm still alive! I spent the first third of the month frantically preparing for the Elvensword Ambassadorial Tournament (forgot my camera, so I don't have pics of the event, gonna try to do a write-up anyhow), most of the next week after recovering from it (4 games of 40K in one day is really pushing my limits), and then found out mid-day Monday that the Escalation League that I'd signed up for with my Necrons started that evening.

Now, the reason I'd signed up with my Necrons is that I hadn't painted any of them, and still hadn't even built most of them, and wanted some motivation to get me going. But I thought I had some more time than that. Fortunately, the League also includes the Thursday Game Night, so I slammed out these guys, and I'm hoping to get some more work done on them today and tomorrow before heading over to the store.
They ain't pretty, but they've got three colours and basing, they should clean up pretty nicely with a couple more hours work and a dip, and they comprise a 500 Point force. It's also fortunate that we're not locked into lists for this League, so if I end up regretting some of these choices, I'm not stuck with them for the whole thing.

I'm working on a bunch of Scarabs and a Tomb Spyder for most of my next 250 Points (due Monday!), and then I should be able to settle into a slightly more sedate pace, but getting 250 Points painted each week is definitely gonna be a fair bit of work.

Then there's DreadTober as well. I've only just got the first basecoat on Bjorn here, need to get cracking on him as well.
I'm hoping to also get his buddies there at least a bit further along, and hopefully finished. There's a 1250 Tournament in January that I want to take an All Dread list to, with a Champions of Fenris detachment plus a Fleshtearers Strike Force with Cassor as the mandatory Troops Choice.

Painting takes priority for my free time over the next few days, but hopefully I'll get well enough ahead that I can spend some more time with the camera as well, get pics of my new DK stuff with paint on as well as more Necron and DreadTober updates. Y'all have a good one!


  1. They look very respectable for such quick work! I do like the Necron look, like most armies in 40k I'd love to do a Necron force!

    Looking forward to your all dread list, very very cool indeed dude, just those 4 look cracking.

    1. If there's one thing I'm particularly good at, it's getting a force done to the point of looking halfway decent very, very fast. Also, a lot of the major sloppiness is around the backs, which you can't see in the pic ;)

      I did get another hour or so in this afternoon, got a bit more done on most of them, which has helped make them pop a little more. Still need tons of cleanup, tho.

      The BA Dreads are all still just primer, so that army still has quite a ways to go, but it will happen. And then Pics will follow :)

  2. Go go Bjorn! You got this buddy!