Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thokt Awakens

I got my first two Games in the Escalation League in with my Necrons. Won the first one, and pulled a Draw in the second, ascending to the second tier of the Challenge Pyramid and then defending my place on it.

For the 500 Point week, I was running:
Nemesor Zahndrek
2x5 Immortals with Gauss
3 Tomb Blades with Particle Beamers
Annihilation Barge

Not mine, I haven't had time to take more pics. Just something I found on a google image search
- First Game was against Nids. The guy running them is planning on going through the various stages of a Tyranid Invasion, so he's running all Vanguard stuff right now:
2x8 Stealers
3 Lictors

I was pretty sure I had him outmatched here, so I was generous with the Cover Saves, playing a bunch of stuff as Ruins that most people just call rough ground. Unfortunately for him, a couple of bad rolls meant even that wasn't enough. Both his Reserves failed Turn 2, so I had two full Turns to pound away at the nearer Genestealer Brood with basically my whole force. Then when they did turn up, I got a bit jammy and he whiffed on a couple of Saves and I managed to gun down DeathLeaper. The final nail in the coffin was when Zahndrek, his retinue shorn away and on his last Wound, gleaned the knowledge of how to Hit and Run from the Lictors assailing him, passed the Init Test, and dashed 13" over to link up with the other Immortal Squad, who then joined with the Annihilation Barge in cutting down the Lictors who were left in the open.

- Second Game was much more of a challenge. Blood Angels with:
Librarian Dread
5 Tacs with a Meltagun in an Assault Cannon Razorback
5 Tacs with Meltabombs on the Sarge in a Lascannon Razorback

This one was a Maelstrom Mission. Started out with him shooting the Tesla Destructor off my Annihilation Barge (actually a screwup, I was looking in the wrong place and didn't realize it was open-topped, so it should have been Immobilized. This was actually in his favour, tho, since I never moved it anyhow, and failed all my Jink Saves with it, while it would have been Immobilized pointed right where he needed to run his Razorbacks through a gap in the Terrain.), but he didn't manage to kill it, and I got the Razorback in return, picking up First Blood and a point for a "Destroy a Unit" card.

The next couple of Turns featured some desultory firefights, finally Wrecking the Annihilation Barge, and each of us picking up a couple more Points for holding Objectives. I got an extra one by switching Zahndrek's Warlord Trait to one from the Tactical table that let me score double if he  or his Unit were holding an Objective I needed.

Then pretty much everything got stuck in combat. After several Turns of truly terrible Charge Rolls, his Librarian Dread managed to make it to Zahndrek's Squad and wipe them out, but not before I picked up a couple more Points for having two cards that required me to declare a Challenge. My last Tomb Blade Turbo-boosted across the board for Behind Enemy Lines, and then got gunned down by the surviving Razorback. The other Immortal Squad and the other Tac Squad just sat around playing cards or something. They were Locked in combat for like 3 full Game Turns without a single casualty on either side.

At the end, we each had 4 cards scored, he had Warlord and Linebreaker, while I had First Blood and the bonus point from the Warlord Trait I used for a draw.

- Zahndrek was key in both Games, using his special rules to get away from the Lictors and pick me up an extra VP by switching his Warlord Trait. I think I need to make up some cards with the Warlord Traits I'm likely to use for him, so it's easier to keep track and I don't have to keep my rulebook open to that page.

- For this week, I'm looking at adding a minimal Canoptek Harvest and upgrading my Tomb blades with Nebuloscopes, because that means the least screwing around with basing materials, since the crackle putty I use for my Necron bases takes forever to cure. I'm prepping up a bunch of bases to help things go more smoothly in future weeks, but right now, I kind of have to focus on stuff that doesn't need more basing done.

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