Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kytan Build Complete plus Half-Painted House Phantos Imperial Knight

Got the Kytan built. Had to get kinda creative in a couple of places, since I was working from the feet up, with fixed positioning on them due to the basing, and ended up a bit beyond the limits of the posing FW intended, largely thanks to screwing up the angle of one of the ankles. Still looks pretty good overall, if I do say so myself:
Blood Claw to display futile bravery. Also scale.
This is pretty pic heavy, so I'm putting the rest below a cut. Click for more:

A couple of shots of the back of the legs, to show off the basing a bit more, and so you can see where it got wonky. I'm gonna try to paint up the greenstuff on that one piston like it's some sort of daemonic tendon or something that got hyperextended due to the over-aggressive step on rough ground:

I've also done a bit of magnetization so I can use it as a Chaos Knight Errant of Khorne Counts-As. Didn't have a suitable melta bit, but I figure some Daemonically-charged Plasma will get more or less the same effect:
"Pick on someone your own size!" A Knight Warden of House Phantos comes to the aid of the outmatched Blood Claw:

And a couple more pictures of the Loyalist Knight:
 I used Golden Crackle Paste around the feet for extra cracking beyond what the Martian Ironearth provided, like its footfalls were breaking apart the ground beneath its feet. I meant to do something similar for the Kytan, but by the time I remembered, I'd already got that base to a point where it wasn't really practical.
It needs another coat on all the orange, and a bunch of touch-up and details picked out, but it's good enough that I've taken it to a Tournament. Got to throw a Land Raider onto some dude's Predator with the Thunderstrike Gauntlet, which made my day.

The House Phantos paint scheme is meant to work with my Ryza AdMech. The name was inspired by Alex's House Tangryx, but I based it off of Fanta instead of Tango. Also going for a bit of resonance on "phantom", since the orange and black gets a bit Halloweeny.

I'm gonna knock out a couple of simple builds next to clear off some room on my table rather than just shoving them back in the pile, and then I'll have space to set up the Light Box I got, so hopefully the next round of pics will be better. At the very least, they won't have all that crap in the background.

Y'all have a good one now, y'hear!


  1. I like it, and throwing tanks is the sole reason I'm putting the thunderstrike gauntlet on my knight!

  2. Thanks! I've actually got it magnetized, so I can put the Reaper on there if I want to use it more competitively, or the Fist if I want to throw things around. I think at this point, I actually have enough bits magnetized (if not painted) to use it as any of the variants.

  3. Really like the cracking ground under the Imperial Knight! Fab touch mate.

    The Kytan looks top notch as well, nice forward movement on that one

    1. Thanks! Those are the big points I'm happy with on both of them.

  4. I agree with Rob, that cracked earth under the foot is awesome. Great job all around. There are few mistakes with Chaos that you can't fix, like that piston. Going for a tendon look is perfectly acceptable, and it's why I love modeling the army.

    The Knight looks great also. Too bad it's a loyalist ;)

    1. Thanks!

      I get really frustrated with Resin Models. If the legs on the Kytan were Plastic, I could have made it work no problem, because the Plastic Cement would have given me time to work with it. But with Superglue, I had to go bit by bit, and once one was done, it was done. Oh, well. At least it's not metal.

      I play pretty much everything, so yeah, I've got Loyalist Knights. I've got another in a box that's gonna get done up as Chaos, probably Nurgle, but I'm not sure just how I want to go with that and I've got other stuff I'm working on, so it can wait.