Friday, October 5, 2018

Dreadtober Pledge

Quick and simple. Priming at this time of year sucks, so instead of building and painting a single Dread from the start, I'm going to paint up two that I've already built and primed. Or, well, one Dread and one Armiger, but the Redemptor Dread and the Armiger are fairly close in size. Anyhow:

The Redemptor is for my (mostly) Primaris Theta Chapter force, same as the Contemptor I did last year. The Armiger is going to be done up to accompany The Vindication of the Devine. And it's not stuck like that. I've made it somewhat flexible, so there's movement in the shoulder and elbow joints, and I can swap the weapons out if I find a cost-efficient way to get extras. I just put it like that because it seemed like the best pose for priming it. Eventually, I hope to get a second Armiger done up like that as well, so I can field a proper Super Heavy Detachment.

And yes, I'm going to brush the cat hair off the Redemptor before I start painting :3 Until next time, y'all have a good one, y'hear!


  1. Starting from scratch? You're brave!

    1. That's the opposite of what I said? I'm just painting these two, not building anything.

    2. yeah, but there's no paint on them aside from primer. That's starting from scratch in my books!

    3. Historically, I've ended up building and painting 3 Dreads or so, or painting half a dozen, so this is a fairly modest pledge for me.