Thursday, October 5, 2023

DreadTober AU Redux

Doing a nonstandard entry in a couple of regards here. I'm on a total BattleTech kick right now, and I want to try to clean up, fix, and finish the 28mm scale Vulture that I tried to do back in 2019, but couldn't finish because my health was sliding downward for reasons that would remain obscure until earlier this year. Now that I'm recovering from all that, I want to see if I can get this done, too. 
As you can see, the intervening years have not been super kind to the thing. There's a ton of dust, some of it adhering pretty tenaciously, and the heat sinks on the back of the left arm got broken at some point. I need to decide if I can fix those, or if I'm just going to trim them off and have the backs of the elbows be plain. Then I've changed my mind a little about how I want to do the base, so there's some more work there also. Well, here's hoping I can pull it off, and until next time, y'all have a good one now, y'hear! 


  1. Clearly this took an internal hit and lost a few heat sinks. No repairs to those needed, just some painted on battle damage and scorch marks!

    1. I've considered that, but it sets off my OCD and makes me feel like I need to do a whole extra level of weathering and battle damage that I really don't want to deal with. It would be too weird to have the thing be pristine except for one blown up heat sink, and I can tell from the way that thinking about it weighs on my mind that it's the start down a road that leads to never finishing the project.