Friday, October 13, 2023

DreadTober AU Redux Week Two

How is it Friday again already? I got a COVID booster on Sunday, and it's been kicking my ass most of this week, so I didn't get as much done as I hoped, but I did get the broken heat sink vanes trimmed down and re-primed, and the sidewalk added to the base along with some spackle to smooth out the cork on that and the fallen wall. Needs a little sanding, and drilling holes for the pins to mount the Vulture itself, and then I'll be able to prime the base. Hopefully from there, things will move along more smoothly. It feels good to have gotten moving on this, even if only a little.
I also did get all the dust properly washed off, which was more work than it sounds like. Anyway, this was basically my "finish building" week, and I'll be diving into the painting proper next time. Until then, y'all have a good one, y'hear! 


  1. Any progress is a win!! I am looking forward to seeing how you go with the Vulture/Mad Dog. I love using these in BattleTech.

    1. Thanks! I honestly find it a kind of frustrating Mech, because it's so similar to the Mad Cat, but just flat out worse in terms of armour and heat. But aesthetically, it's far and away my favourite Clan Mech.